We sell all barenaked foods products on our website, but here is a list of places you can buy barenaked foods when you're out and about in the UK:

It took a year but we're in a supermarket!! Morrisons have been great supporting us. You can find barenaked noodles in Morrisons stores nationwide. Click here to find your nearest store.


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Barenakednoodles and Barenaked Rice can be found in the Gluten Free section in selected Waitrose stores. 




There are 800 Holland & Barrett stores that currently stock barenaked noodles.

You can find an outlet near you if you go and visit the Holland & Barrett website.

Homecare Essentials stock all BNF products & other fab bits & pieces! Click on their logo to be directed to their website.Homecare Essentials

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        Tropicana wholesale


SNC DIRECT specialise in a variety of performance enhancing supplements. They also stock BNF products! click on their logo to buy & to get some other great products!

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You can find barenaked noodles in GNC shops in all their major city shops across the UK.

Their locations are shown if you visit the GNC website.



Muscle Food helps athletes and the health-conscious reach and maintain their goals and ambitions. They provide a cost effective range of sports nutrition, including lean meat, supplements, nuts and grains and protein snacks perfect for those looking to gain muscle, get stronger, lose fat or get faster. Find out more here

Real foods

Real Foods Ltd.

37 Broughton Street



Tel: 0131 557 1911


Real Foods Ltd.

8 Brougham Street




Tel: 0131 228 1201


Discount Supplements one of the UK's leading supplement retailers stock Barenaked products! If your looking for great quality nutrition at a great price then visit their website here