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These professional athletes and inspirational people use barenakedfoods products to help achieve their goals


Wigan Athletic F.C


wigan crest  wigan with fa cup

FA Cup winners Wigan Athletic F.C use Barenakednoodles to help them achieve their goal of promotion to the premiership!

Ben Warden the chef at Wigan Athletic contacted Ross after seeing Dragon's Den and after a meeting at Wigan's training ground and getting the players to taste the noodles Ross was more than happy to help. Ben understands how important diet is to professional athletes and Barenakednoodles ticks all the boxes.

i had to get hold of Ross's product! it would be perfect for the players!

Nathan Dale

Nathan Dale is a professional boxer from Norwich who competes at light welterweight and holds an impressive undefeated record of 17 fights. He is also a former holder of the IBF World Youth belt.

Nathan entered the professional ranks with a strong amateur background, collecting a number of titles along the way. One of his proudest moments is representing England and achieving a gold medal in the multi-nations.

He is clear about his goals and exhibits high levels of determination, ambition and commitment - something he has in common with our Managing Director, Ross Mendham. However to continue to develop his career, he needs to train smart and push his body to the absolute limits.

Unfortunately, Nathan has not competed for the last 13 months due to having surgery on his hand - although he has used his time wisely in the gym with trainer Graham Everett.

Nathan states that Barenaked Foods have helped him maintain his weight during his off period and has confirmed that he will have no concerns making championship weight with the backing of Ross and the team.


Barenaked Foods are looking forward to supporting Nathan in reaching his ultimate boxing potential!


Claire Bird

In 2013, Claire took part in her 1st Fitness/bodybuilding show. Her achievements so far are:


May 2013 Fit Factor finalist at body power

June 2013 1st place Miss Galaxy Universe Fitness Model & 5th place Supreme Champion

October 2013 3rd place Miss Galaxy Universe Fitness Model, 9th place Fitness Champion & 6th Supreme Champion

November 2013 5th Place WBFF European Diva Fitness Model


Winning pose from Claire!

I use barenakednoodles to help me prepare for competitions.

Claire is a Treasury Analyst and also a part time fitness instructor/PT. She is based in Brentwood, Essex and trains at both Fitness First and Ab Salute Gym.

When Claire does get any spare time off from working or training for competitions she enjoys to get out for bike rides or go on snowboarding holidays.

Claire only started working in the fitness industry in 2012 but sport and training has always been a big part of her life, and is passionate about anything fitness & nutrition related.

Nutrition is a big part of Claire's programme and she is excited and proud about being part of the Bare Naked Foods team. For more information on Claire and how she fits Bare Naked Food into her nutritional programme please check out her Facebook & Twitter accounts:

Twitter: @cnbirdie

Claire is looking forward to a successful 2014 with the help of

Bare Naked Foods. Shows planned for 2014 so far include Fit Factor & WBFF. Watch this space.....


Miss Galaxy Universe!

I am able to enjoy a tasty full meal still including my noodles and rice without having to worry about it effecting my carb levels

Lizzi before: August 2012


Lizzi After: September 2013

Lizzi's yummy recipe ideas

I’ve made bolognese bake with the noodles and meatballs and noodles - that was yummy.... 
I used a tomato and olive pesto sauce which was about 1.5g of carbs per 1/3 of jar....sometimes I just break up an oxo cube and add a few chopped tomatoes.  
Stir frys are out of this world. If you are in a hurry - buy some precooked chicken chunks - again beware the flavoured ones - tikka, bbq etc as they tend to be much higher in carbs. chuck chicken in the frying pan....add some chopped onions, maybe a few chopped mushrooms, some medium curry powder, and a little water....then add noodles and let them heat through for a few minutes. Serve and enjoy. I make this sometimes in the evening and then eat the leftovers for breakfast the next day. Should I be admitting that in public? Oh well :) 
chinese five spice chicken with noodles.
Here's what to do if  you want to splash out...
If the family are getting a chinese take away and you don't wanna be left out....why not buy a main dish and have barenakednoodles with it.....yes there are carbs in the main dish but think how many you are NOT eating and how many calories you are cutting out by replacing rice or chow mein with barenakednoodles. If you stir fry them for a few mins with some soy sauce and some chinese 5 spice they are really yummy. And you can always add some beansprouts if you want.
Oh yeah...thats the other handy thing about the noodles.....easy to take with you if you go away for a few days....

Ollie Matthews


Bodybuilding athlete Ollie swears by BareNaked Foods products - he says "They have been an amazing addition when dieting and gaining in the off season.  When I am in need of extra protein I can utilise more products then knowing the quality is unrivalled and I am not sacrificing any taste".

From August 2013 we have begun supporting fully qualified personal trainer Ollie. After 6 years' experience working mainly with clients online and in selected gyms around Norwich, he tailors fitness plans for their individual goals and needs with great success. Ollie has given different clients BareNaked products in their nutrition plans and so far has had zero negative comments, people can’t actually believe a low calorie, low carb, gluten free tasty product is actually finally available!

Ollie was considerably overweight when he started going to the gym in 2007 in order to lose a lot of the 17 stone of fat that he had built up from a very unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Taking it from one extreme to the other, he loved the feeling exercise and training gave him so he decided to take it up as a career. Once he had worked on becoming qualified in personal training and nutrition, Ollie then prepped himself through research for his first show in 2008 weighing under 11 stone, when he came 2nd in the junior class.

After taking a year off competitions, he then competed again in 2010 and 2012, without placing, so has decided to take another year to make sure he will be competitive next year.  With the work Ollie does with his sponsors he's confident he will be able to bring a completely different physique to the stage on his return.  

Ollie has various clients with very different goals, from fitness model looks to competitive long distance running along with the bodybuilding athletes also both male and female offering online training and diet advice to hit selected goal. He is always looking for more people to help with  nutrition and training, you can get in touch via twitter or visit Ollie's website

Lizzi Palmer (we love Lizzi)

Ok, so Lizzi isn't an athlete but she is a beautiful 'normal' woman who's found her battle with weight really tough! (like me) but the holy grail for Lizzi has been barenakednoodles. 

Please take a mo to read her story below.

Well, basically I have struggled with weight issues as long as I can remember. I went to see my first dietician when I was a kid...her name was Dr Bones. Ironic. I know.

I’ve done every diet in the book. You name it I’ve tried it.

When I was a student, I was diagnosed with Bulimia. I found it incredibly easy to starve or binge but could not manage anything in between. I took down every mirror in my home, and took an alternative longer route into college to avoid big glass shop windows....didn’t want to see my reflection.

Then I decided that maybe chewing food and not swallowing it was the answer. It so isn’t. Not only is it pretty revolting, its hell on your body and mind.

So.....44 years later....I finally worked out that what my body really couldn’t handle was carbs. Mainly bread pasta noodles and sugar. I began to suffer from I started eating a low carb diet...and actually started to lose weight and feel better.

But it can be boring. I craved sweet things sometimes. Also I was aware that although my diet was low carb it was in danger of becoming high fat. Then I discovered the bare naked noodles. 

 They are fantastic for several reasons. Firstly because there are no carbs, and very very few calories in them. Secondly because that means you can make excellent and very tasty zero carb meals and very low carb meals...which frees up a few carbs for a little treat.....I treat myself with "cheesecake" - the Lizzi version which is cream cheese with grated lemon zest, a little  saccharine and if I’m feeling really indulgent, I grate a small amount of high cocoa content (and therefore lower carb) chocolate on top. Instead of the biscuit base I use a sugar free jelly.

It’s not the same as cheesecake of course but its blooming lovely :)

I’ve done lots of things with the noodles. I have them sometimes with scrambled egg and bacon in the morning...mix them up with the bacon and they take on the saltiness - yummy.

If youre looking for something really quick and simple, heat them up with some homemade pesto sauce. Beware some of the shop pesto sauces in jars as they tend to be quite high in carbs. Usually the fresh ones you find in the fresh pasta section at the supermarket are lower, or you can make your own with basil and parmesan cheese - can add some chopped pine nuts if you like but I tend to leave them out. Anyway - pesto sauce over the noodles and some grated cheese on top and hey presto. If the pesto is pre-made the whole process takes about 2 minutes.....honestly!

Well, I have not weighed myself recently - I try not to because Im prone to getting totally obsessed with weight....but....I have gone down 2 sizes now. We all know that clothes can vary in fit from brand to brand but I basically bought the same brand jeans for the last year. Last October I was a size 26....then in April I started wearing a 24.....I ordered the size 22's about 2 months ago and tried them on. I couldnt do them up even when I tucked all the excess Lizzi in and led down flat on the bed. But 2 weeks ago...I wore them out all day :)

Theres a photo of me here that was taken in February of this year. Im a little camera shy and dont like having my photo taken at all but have asked a friend of mine to take some photos for me when I visit them in a couple of weeks time.

So there you go! Lizzi's story is really inspiring and i am really proud to have her on board as part of Team Naked. Watch this space as we will be helping Lizzi achieve her goals in 2014.

Natasha, aka Miss Motivator


Natasha, aka Miss Motivator, is a working mother of a 2yr old daughter, a qualified personal trainer, sports therapist, reiki practitioner, fitness model and competitor.

Natasha has always been into fitness but keeping fit fell by the wayside when she suffered a difficult pregnancy, which ended in an emergency Caesarean section, following which she became critically ill with sepsis.

Natasha found herself nearly 3 stone over her normal weight and with her stomach muscles being cut through twice, thought she would never have a flat stomach again, let alone a six pack! Natasha enlisted the help of a personal trainer in December 2013 to get in the shape of her life and just 4 months later competed in her first show, an IBFA qualifier, placing 2nd in the Bikini category and receiving an invite to the British Finals. Just 3 weeks later in May 2014, Natasha went on to win a national fitness model search (Fit Factor) at the prestigious Bodypower exhibition.

Natasha believes that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin and happy with their reflection both on the inside, as well as the outside. Natasha is currently focussing on building her own brand, Miss Motivator UK, as well as building more muscle mass in order to compete again in 2016.

To contact Natasha, email her at

IBFA Qualifier Bikini - 2nd place
Winner of Fit Factor at Bodypower 2014
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Sports Massage
Reiki Practitioner
FB: Miss Motivator UK
Twitter/Insta: @missmotivatoruk #becomingthebestyou

Click here to read Natasha's story in the Daily Mail: 

Miss Motivator