about konjac

Konjac is a food crop grown in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and south-east Asia. The root is used to create a flour or jelly (often a vegan substitute for gelatine). Shirataki (literally ‘white waterfall’) Noodles can be created from konjac by harvesting fibre from the konjac root, mashing it down into a flour, mixing with water and calcium hydroxide to create a gel which can be cut into strips.

Our own recipe uses a blend of konjac, soybean and oatmeal flour to give our noodles a texture similar to traditional rice noodles – but with zero fat, no sugar and low carbs.

benefits of konjac

  • Almost no calories or carbohydrates

  • Contains no fat, sugar or starch

  • Very high in fibre and naturally gluten-free

  • Aids weight-loss and can support specific dietary needs

Our konjac-based noodle, protein noodle and rice products all absorb the flavours from any sauce, soup or other prominent ingredient. They cook quickly and make a highly-nutritious and healthy alternative to fast food, lunch on the go or a quick meal after a workout.

konjac facts

Fact 1

Foods derived from konjac can make you feel fuller for longer – reducing cravings and helping you reach your weight-loss target.

Fact 2

Konjac fibre has a very high water absorbance & expansion rate, which helps control blood sugar and reduce cholesterol levels.

Fact 3

Rich in positive vitamins and minerals – such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, calcium – and essential amino acids.

Fact 4

Konjac root contains glucomannan fibre. When digested, fibre maintains a healthy gut by forming a protective film in the intestinal wall.

Fact 4

Noodles made from konjac can be stored at room temperature – no need to refrigerate! The long shelf-life is ideal for buying in bulk.