Ross Mendham Ross Mendham Managing Director and Founder

“…what if I could find low calorie alternatives to the food I loved?”

For me, the hardest part about dieting is maintaining weight loss. Unfortunately, as my mood would fluctuate, so would my weight. My downfall was always pasta! I'd stuck to a low-carb diet for ages but I was really missing noodles and spaghetti. Then I struck on an idea. What if I could find some low-calorie alternatives to the foods I loved? I searched everywhere for low-fat pasta but came up with nothing.

“…why not create a low-carb alternative to pasta, myself?”

Then I had my 'eureka' moment – why not create a low-carb alternative to pasta myself? That's how barenaked foods was born! I turned my craving into a quest for creating a product which would fulfil the needs of people who were trying to stick to a healthy diet.

“…ideal for people who are dieting…”

Our noodles are derived from the konjac plant which is a type of yam. They are so versatile, yet they are naturally low-carb so are ideal for people who are dieting. Not only that, they're also gluten-free, sugar-free and low-calorie – perfect for people with a gluten intolerance or diabetes.

“…people suggested I should appear on Dragon’s Den…”

I was delighted that I'd found a solution – especially as the noodles were delicious and very easy to prepare and cook with. As word spread about my products, some people I spoke to suggested I should apply to appear on Dragons' Den. So, after around eighteen months of selling my popular barenaked noodles online, I applied to pitch for investment on the BBC’s business talent search programme.

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“…the fiercest Dragon of them all…”

I was terrified that I would mess up my one big chance, letting myself and my wife down in the process. I knew I had to keep the pitch going but I started to get frustrated and I had to take some time out. So I left the set. I composed myself and managed to turn it round, securing an investment from the fiercest Dragon of them all: Peter Jones!

“…the company has gone from strength to strength…”

In the years since the Dragon’s investment, the company has gone from strength to strength. We have launched new products, including our barenaked protein noodles that have additional soy protein. Our products can now be found in shops up and down the UK and we have expanded our international sales.